This is Inbetween

Published on June 5th, 2017



Excuse us while we try to get on our feet.

June fifth. It might seem like an arbitrary date, but it’s not: It’s the date Inbetween’s wheels start getting in motion. The site might still have some bugs, we’re still disputing with Facebook over our page, and posts will not yet be published daily for now – eventually, we’ll publish more and more, but for now we still have a small staff and we’re trying our best.

All good things start small.

Who knows. Maybe this is the start of something great.


About Narita
Narita is a nineteen year old pop culture geek whose only exercise consists of dancing to ABBA. She dabbled in art and politics and is always on the hunt for cool stuff in thrift stores. When she's not writing cynical articles, she's probably doing some backstage stuff concerning the site. She has been working in online media for so long she has gotten used to talking about herself in third person.


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