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Published on May 26th, 2017

Inbetween Zine: Because youth media matters. Coming soon to a computer near you.


Risen from the ashes of award-winning Dutch teen webzine TeenKicks, Inbetween Zine caters to the needs of those who have outgrown being a teenager, but also don’t feel like an adult just yet. (Does anyone ever feel like they’ve become an adult, though? It seems like a foreign concept to us.)

We hope to help you navigate your newfound adult-ness while keeping you up to date on current events, stuff we love, loathe or simply find hilarious, pop culture, social issues and more. We’ve taken the best from TeenKicks and put it in a blender with creative new ideas, in the hope of creating a crossmedian smoothie, topped off with a pinch of media theory to create the ideal online zine that’s always here to support you and help you grow. I reckon that sounds overly ambitious and save-the-world-esque for a media project, but I really swear it’s what we’re here to do. Because we know youth media matters (in fact, we have the research to back it up).

Inbetween is socially aware, clever, ambitious, feminist, witty, intersectional, young, creative and more. Inbetween is you – and maybe, you are Inbetween. Are you between 15 and 30 years old and are you an author, poet, photographer, illustrator or do you want to contribute in another way? We’d absolutely love you to. For now you can reach us at
We don’t have any restrictions when it comes to where you live, what your native language is, or anything else. As long as you’re a creative mind who is talented and/or eager to learn, we’d really like to have you on board.

About Narita
Narita is a nineteen year old pop culture geek whose only exercise consists of dancing to ABBA. She dabbled in art and politics and is always on the hunt for cool stuff in thrift stores. When she's not writing cynical articles, she's probably doing some backstage stuff concerning the site. She has been working in online media for so long she has gotten used to talking about herself in third person.


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