Are you a concert frequenter or an art lover?

Published on October 25th, 2015

Come join our arts and music editoral staff.

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Do you want to write about your local museum’s newest exhibit, make playlists consisting of the most amazing tunes you could find, introduce us to up and coming bands and artist or praise your favourite art-related hero or heroine? We’re looking for passionated people who are always hunting down new talent in the art, music or poetry/prose scene. Or people who are those artsy wunderchildren. Either way – shoot us an email at and you might just become our newest staff member.

About Narita
Narita is a nineteen year old pop culture geek whose only exercise consists of dancing to ABBA. She dabbled in art and politics and is always on the hunt for cool stuff in thrift stores. When she's not writing cynical articles, she's probably doing some backstage stuff concerning the site. She has been working in online media for so long she has gotten used to talking about herself in third person.


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